2014 TSHQ CFB Preview: Five Weekends to Circle

Life comes at you fast people. It wasn’t that long ago I was lying on my back, knee sore as hell after getting tackled on Bowman Field by one of Clemson’s finest (who was at least 250-300lbs) looking up at the police station ceiling. Fast forward a few years and things changed a bit more. […]

5 Takeaways From the Arizona Cardinals vs. the Houston Texans

The Arizona Cardinals participated in their first preseason game of the 2014 season and, already, they look in regular season form, defeating the Houston Texans 32-0. The Cardinals were dominant in every phase of the game, whether it was offense, defense, or special teams. They also took the upper hand no matter which string of […]

2014 TSHQ CFB Preview: Storylines to Follow

It’s been a pretty wild offseason and there’s still another three weeks or so until the season kicks off. Still the start of football doesn’t mean it’s all games and nothing else. The sport of college football simply always seems to offer a few narratives that linger around and 2014 figures to be no different […]

2014 TSHQ CFB Preview: Coaches Who Should Be Feeling the Heat

The biggest problem with writing CFB Previews over the course of four-five months is you often start topics that have been covered by others over and over again. So writing a list of coaches on the hot seat isn’t probably something that people care to read about much anymore which is why I’ve put my […]

Jon Lester: The Epitome of a Winner 1

Being a Boston sports fan is beyond a blessing. I was born in 1989; I didn’t experience winning until February 2002. Over the past 12 years, there hasn’t been a more dominant sports city on the planet across the four major sports. Hell, if the Revolution won ONE of their four consecutive championship games maybe [...]



Red Sox Trade Everyone; What Lies Ahead?

A decade ago, the Boston Red Sox traded Nomar Garciaparra for Orlando Cabrera and Doug Mientkiewicz in order to make a run at their first World Series title in 86 years. While the trade proved successful, it was a risky move for (then) young GM Theo Epstein as he traded the most beloved shortstop in Red [...]

2014 TSHQ CFB Preview: Top 5 Non-Power 5

In recent years we’ve always put Boise State to the side when discussing the top five non-AQs in the country mainly because they’ve been the golden standard for non-AQs and frankly got enough coverage as it is. In 2014 we’re throwing them back into the fray because it’s not wise to just assume they’ll be [...]

The Suns Have Outsmarted Eric Bledsoe, But Will They End Up Outsmarting Themselves?

The restricted free agency of Eric Bledsoe has gone exactly according to plan for the Phoenix Suns. Before the season even ended, the team — including general manager Ryan McDonough and President of Basketball Operations Lon Babby — has made it clear that no matter what kind of contract Bledsoe was offered in free agency, [...]

Summer Suns Notes: What Have the Young Players Shown So Far?

The NBA season may have just ended last month with the San Antonio Spurs winning the O’Brien Trophy, but that doesn’t mean basketball stops there. All teams are back in action as they currently take one another on in Las Vegas for the NBA Summer League. The Summer League is used as a time to [...]


2014 TSHQ CFB Preview: New Coaching Faces

College Football is a fickle sport where you’re one 4-8 season from being on the hot seat in some situations. As a result just about every season you can count on some jobs opening up and 2014 is no exception with a number of jobs becoming available and some big names taking their talents to [...]