10 College Players for Celtics Fans to Watch This Year

Rebuilds don’t happen overnight. After Danny Ainge traded Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett to Brooklyn last summer, the Celtics forced themselves to start anew. There was plenty of losing last season, you cannot find three worse Celtics teams in terms of win-loss percentage in the history of professional basketball. And more losing is on the horizon [...]


Sexy Six Week Four: Have We Already Passed Our Prime?

Listen I can’t really sugar coat it any more. Bill Parcells once said “You are what your record says you are” and frankly while I would like to think K.M and I can right the ship here, reality is we suck. We don’t say that often but sometimes you just have to call it like [...]

James Young’s Importance to the Celtics Rebuild

With the sixth pick in the 2014 NBA Draft, the Boston Celtics selected Marcus Smart out of Oklahoma State University. Smart is a combo guard who is a better defender than shooter, but is a player who can get to the rim and initiate contact to get to the free throw line. Danny Ainge has [...]

Celebrities Attend The Toronto Raptors  Vs Brooklyn Nets - April 25, 2014


NFL Week 2 Takeaways

It has been a rough week to be an NFL fan, after too many negative stories, it was nice when the games finally kicked off and we could focus on the fun stuff, even if it was just temporarily because these stories are going to be around for a while yet.

TSHQ Top 15 After Week Three: All Hail The SEC West

Lets take a minute to pay homage to just how absolutely terrific the academic institutions in the SEC West are at assembling football teams. The teams are a combined 19-1 with the only loss coming in an inner-division game. The division owns wins over Boise State (albeit who kinda sucks), South Carolina, West Virginia, Wisconsin [...]

Mass Hypocrisy & the NFL

The NHL, MLB, and NCAA have all successfully got in their own ways to prevent the level of growth, relativity, and revenue which the NFL has attained since the beginning of the ’90s. The NHL has experienced four separate lockouts, by far the most among the four major sports. The MLB decided steroids would bring [...]

Fresh Eighths

An eighth of the way through the season, and a quarter of the way done with the road schedule, the New England Patriots sit at 1-1; good enough for last in the division since they’re 0-1 in the division after a brutal Week 1 collapse against Miami. The Pats come home to Foxborough for the [...]


Post Week Three CFB Playoff

I’ll post the format for this each week as a reminder of how I’m handling my criteria for selecting the four playoff teams each week: 1. Unlike the poll which I do combine your potential down the road with what you’ve done so far, this doesn’t take into account what I predict a team to do. [...]

Sexy Six Week Three: Will We Ever Win Again?

It’s tough living sometimes against the Sexy Six as we’ve learned at different points in the now five years we’ve done this. K.M crushed the first three years and had a tough year four. My initial season watched me choke a profit away in bowl season before bouncing back the next three. This year so [...]


NFL Week 1 Takeaways

Who would have thought the games from week 1 would get sent to the background with all of the Ray Rice material? Needless to say Roger Goodell is facing a real battle to salvage any sort of credibility here. But this is not an essay on his shortcomings as commissioner (there are plenty of those [...]