Kemba Walker’s Afraid of Jimmer Mania?

Numerous reports have surfaced that the reason UConn Huskies star Kemba Walker has cancelled his last two workouts is because he doesn’t want to face Jimmer Fredette in one on one situations.

This can’t be true, I mean I would feel comfortable attacking Jimmer’s defense. Yet, there they are, report after report of Kemba bailing out of head to heads against the BYU legend.

Why on earth would Kemba be afraid to face Jimmer? Kemba is an NCAA champion, a fantastic scoring PG, and someone that comes in with a fairly ready NBA game. Jimmer is a pure scorer, and while he does it like few have, he isn’t someone to dodge in workouts.

So what’s with the outcry? Well from one side you have to see this as Kemba doesn’t want to take any chances of his draft stock falling, since Jimmer can make anyone look foolish when he is on offensively. His agent has to be convinced that it can’t benefit Kemba in any way to take on Jimmer mano y mano, most likely already having guarantees from a team in the top 7 of the draft.

The other side? Kemba is scared. Kemba knows he can’t stop Jimmer, and if he is porous offensively in his duel with Fredette, he takes the chance at tumbling even further down in the lottery, word here in Phoenix is that he has fallen on some teams draft boards in the 8-12 range.

One thing is for certain, Kemba wants nothing to do with Jimmer, whether that be out of fear, or respect.

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