2012 Stanford Pro Day

2012 Stanford Pro Day

It isn’t that I am just reporting on the Cardinals as much as it is just that there is little information out there for Cardinals fans, so I don’t mind reporting on that for my hometown team.

What most everyone is looking at is not the man that will be the first overall pick, Andrew Luck, in the draft, I mean the only two teams that seem to care about those two will be the Colts and Redskins if for some reason Luck’s workout scares away the Colts… Which I don’t see happening.

There is A LOT of scouts there and more media members, I am interested to see if any Pro Day had more action to it.

Unfortunately for the participants it is a cooler and windy day which could cause some problems getting loose and effect the times they run outdoors.

It starts early for those interested in the measurements and while some people want to see Luck measuring in at 6’4” and David DeCastro having great height at 6’5”, those guys are pretty much locked into where they are going, Luck first overall and DeCastro in the top 15.

The question marks about this day is tackle Jonathan Martin, who came in slightly shorter than listed at 6’5 7/8” , but weighed in a little more than listed at 307lbs.

Coby Fleener measured in at over 6’6” tall and 247lbs.

I will leave some comments about the rest of the guys, but the main intrigue is the two unknowns in Martin and Fleener, and they will be my main focus.

Jonathan Martin:  Martin is fighting to stay even with Riley Reiff in the running to be the second left tackle off the board after Matt Kalil.  When we are looking at tackles there are some important body aspects, weight and height obviously, but just as important is arm length.  Without boring you completely, anything 33in to 33 7/8in is average, 34in to 34 7/8in is good and 35in and higher is considered elite.

Martin had a very good 34in arm length, and he will be able to play up to his nearly 6’6” frame with that arm length.

Why is arm length important?  A tackle has to be able to have the arm length to match the height, when that doesn’t happen you end up with a guard, see Robert Gallery and his 32 ¼ in baby arms.

The biggest concern of Martin, his strength, and he did absolutely nothing to quell those concerns posting a meager 20 reps of 225lbs on the bench press.

Posting average 40 times in the 5.2 range means we are going to continue to have questions on him as he isn’t nearly athletic enough to get away with his lack of strength.

Martin did look fluid in the short drills, and that is what gets teams excited about him, is his short area and lateral quickness, as he didn’t look overly stiff and had good bend.

Overall on Jonathan “Moose” Martin, he is a risky proposition and a team that is desperate, see Cardinals, will likely take the chance on him.  He has all the things you want in a left tackle, good size, great arm length, excellent athleticism and good bend, but he is not strong enough yet.  Can a team really take a chance on him that they can develop that strength?  Is a team comfortable with a concussion prone QB to put him at the left tackle spot? That is the question that the Cardinals need to answer.

Coby Fleener:  The other big question mark coming into today was Fleener, and whether or not he is the next Jimmy Graham type.  Well his numbers were the opposite of Martin; they answered all the questions and vaulted him into a likely top 25 pick.

Fleener started off his day inside with 37in vertical and 10ft broad jump.  The main question was how healed was the ankle and could he get that 40 time into the 4.6 or lower range?  That was easy as Fleener ran twice, once with the wind at his back posting an unofficial 4.45, then backing up that huge number with a 4.51 into the wind with his second 40 time.

With the size and strength, Fleener posted 27 reps on the bench press at the combine; the TE prospect is going to continue to rise up the draft boards.

Overall on Coby Fleener:  Watching Fleener plant and move is the question I have.  He seems to be tentative in his routes where he has to make a move in the route tree.  Does it matter though? We will see as we get a little closer.  He had a drop in the Luck throwing session, but tends to catch the ball with his hands and not into his body.

Other interesting Notes:

David DeCastro being asked on his comfort level of playing center at the next level?  I have no idea why a team would want to move a guard like him, great size, incredible agility, inside to center.  Is he intelligent enough to play center and make all the calls?  Of course, but that doesn’t mean because he can he should.

Johnson Bademosi was the most impressive physical specimen at the Pro Day.  The CB/S is a tremendous hitter, and has good feet, and showed impressive speed, running a 4.33 40 time.  Can he show better hip movement in his workouts?  We shall see.

Andrew Luck is really, really good.

Griff Whalen is going to get a lot of comparisons to Wes Welker because of size, speed, race, and those aren’t necessarily unwarranted.  He runs crisp routes, has good breaks, and uses his hands well to catch the ball, but when you compare a late round prospect with a top 15 WR in the NFL, and the best slot receiver in the league, he better have some substance to back it up.

I have always been a Chris Owusu fan, but no team needs to take a chance on him.  He is a great talent, but his concussion issues are serious.


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