2012 NFL Draft Day 3 offensive line prospects

2012 NFL Draft Day 3 offensive line prospects available, and as I Cardinals fan, I have a vested interest in what happens to all of these guys because the Cardinals need offensive line help in the worst way.

Bobby Massie, OT Mississippi:

I have no idea how Massie has fallen off a cliff and into the third day as he was considered by many to be a top 5 offensive tackle prospect.

Now, well someone is going to get a very good player, who is pissed off after he was hearing round 1 chatter, and it was thought to be a lock he would be gone at the beginning of round 2.

  • Light on his feet and quickly engages his defender.
  • Well proportioned, long armed and strong build.
  • Can physically dominate people at times.
  • Is just average in his lateral speed.

Played right tackle, but with a strong kick and good anchor projects as a left tackle at the next level.

I truly am shocked Massie is still available.

Zebrie Sanders, OT Florida State

  • Huge frame with room to grow that also has massive reach of almost 35in arms.
  • Excellent, natural athlete with good bend, flexibility and quickness.
  • Good pass protection technique.
  • Has to get stronger at the point of attack and finishing plays.
  • Questions on his desire.

Sanders is a natural athlete, that can come in and play the right side until he gets strong enough to move over to the left side.  He has a chance to be an above average left tackle in this league, maybe even cracking the top 12, but there are question marks that can’t be overlooked including his strength, but more importantly his desire is more than a worry.

James Brown, OT Troy:  Big, rangy offensive tackle, which has a good long and lean frame that can gain some weight once he gets drafted.  Has the look, and reach of a NFL left tackle.

Strong at the point of attack despite the lean frame, and possesses elite level athleticism that if can be harnessed, could lead to him being a starting left tackle in the league.

He is raw in his technique, and can fall off blocks because of poor footwork and fundamentals.  Is a high level developmental pick, in the sense that if he comes in and works hard could be a steal in the 4th round, but if he never taps into that potential he will be a good swing man at 2-3 positions along that offensive line in a backup role.

Brandon Washington, G University of Miami

  • Naturally built and strong throughout his body.
  • Thick lower half that is well defined.
  • Super athletic, not just for his frame, but for any offensive lineman.
  • Great bend, quickness and set in kick step and getting depth in pass protection.
  • Explosive at pulling that shifts his weight well and dominates defenders.
  • Needs to play with a lower, more aggressive pad level.
  • Footwork is raw, and relies on his athleticism way to much instead of technique.

Has the ability to come in, learn and back up for a while and then take over and become a dominant type guard.

Brandon Mosely, OT Auburn

  • Big, former TE who has good feet and athletic ability.
  • Long arms, big hands that uses both well for being newer to the position.
  • Possesses good range in his drop step, but can over extend in trying to get to his defender.
  • Has to get stronger in his upper body, but more importantly in his trunk and base.

Mosely is a very intriguing prospect because of how raw he is at the position, and that is something that you can take advantage of if you have the ability to be patient.

Nate Potter, OT Boise St

  • Solidly built with long arms and a frame to add mass to.
  • Good looking pass protection blocker.
  • Shows good body control and balance in and out of his stance.
  • Needs to see the inside of a weight room.
  • History of shoulder issues.

He is an intriguing prospect for a team like the Texans and Redskins. He lacks the base strength, needs time to get stronger, and works better in space as opposed to attacking his defender and punishing him.

Senio Kelemete, OG Washington

Young in his development as an offensive lineman, but has all the attributes you want in a guard.

Great build, good strength in his lower half and does a great job getting to blocks in the running game.

Needs to clean up his footwork and make sure he gets a body on his man every time.

His strength and huge upside didn’t move to the offensive line until 2009, makes him an offensive line coaches dream.  His movement in space, and ability to get to the second level could really be a fit in

Matt McCants, OT UAB

  • Prototypical left tackle size and frame with room to add weight.
  • Uses his frame to keep defenders at bay and push them past the QB.
  • Good, fluid movement out of his stance and quickness.
  • Exhibits good coil and snap in and out of his stance.
  • Needs to add weight and get stronger at the point of attack.
  • Played against lower level competition.

He is a big bodied kid who needs a year or two to develop, but once there, could be an elite level left tackle.  He has all the necessary tools, and has shown the desire to work hard and get better, the question is, and can he get strong enough to ever make it.

It will take him some time, but I think the team that adds McCants could see him competing for a starting spot this season at right tackle.

Andrew Datko, OT Florida St.

  • Injury Concerns
  • Natural pass blocker who was a top prospect before injuries set in.
  • Not a very strong player.

Interesting prospect, who would have gone much higher before he was beset by injuries.  Needs to get to a place that allows him to be in pass pro most of the time, and is someone that can come in and compete for a starting job if put in the right position.

Ben Jones, C Georgia

  • Leader of the offensive line and a guy who can make all the calls
  • Good bend and leverage, plays low and doesn’t get beat
  • Good cut blocker, who also takes good angles to his man
  • Average athlete who can over extend and whiff a little to often

He is the type of center who will never overpower you at the point of attack, but he also won’t get overpowered very often.  He works well in tight spaces, and has a nasty streak.

Mike Brewster, C Ohio St

  • Excellent in pass pro and makes the calls at the line.
  • Good lateral quickness and gets to his guys well.
  • Needs to work on his angles he takes against next level guys.




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