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2012 NFL Draft Grades the TSHQ way.  That’s right we start with who I think has had a “Great” draft thus far, and keep an eye out Monday for my full length, ridiculously in depth I Love a Good Draft, that is over 1000 words long on the first six teams with only the first round picks discussed, yeah it will be a long one.

It’s not easy to have a real job and miss the NFL Draft when you want your job to be talking NFL Draft, but that’s what happens sometimes.

It’s the end of Day 2 and there are some shockers still on the board for the start of Day 3, but more importantly there are some shockers that went on Day 2, so who made the right moves, who missed, and who took a punter in round 3… Come on Jacksonville I had you as one of the top drafts in the first two rounds, you’re killing me.

Best Day 1 and Day 2 Picks and a little early “I Love a good Draft” preview:

A Great Draft to Me:

Philadelphia Eagles:

I can’t believe how well the Eagles did in draft, not because they don’t draft well, but because I can’t believe how little they had to do in order to strengthen their biggest weaknesses.

Adding Fletcher Cox and Mychal Kendricks with their top two picks should instantly upgrade their run defense, one of the biggest weak spots on the Eagles squad last year.  And that doesn’t even include Vinny Curry and Nick Foles, which is coming on Monday’s full length I love a good draft.

Baltimore Ravens:

Osemele is a bad, bad man

Incredible how good teams can stay put, or in the case of the Ravens, move down and make picks that will have immediate positive impacts on the team.

Courtney Upshaw will be a star in Baltimore, and while it is really early, will be my EARLY 2012 Defensive Rookie of the year, well after Jamell Fleming.  He steps in right away and will be a play maker at the strong side linebacker spot, while having tremendous support from the veteran group of defenders in Baltimore.

Then you have my FAVORITE guard prospect not named David DeCastro in Kelechi Osemele.  It’s a ridiculous early haul for a team that was willing to trade out of round 1 and still got two guys that are first round talents and I haven’t even gotten to Bernard Pierce.

Carolina Panthers:

I may be the biggest Luke Kuechly fan in the draft community, I think he is the next Keith Brooking and will be a star that may never get the respect he deserves.  He steps in and becomes the Cam Newton of the defense right away.

Then you have the rugged Amini Silatolu, who will slide right in at guard from day one.  I am a fan of what the Panthers have done early; let’s see how Day 3 turns out.

Cincinnati Bengals:

I may just say this is my favorite draft so far.  I wanted them to take DeCastro with him sitting there, but I understand the move down and pick of Kevin Zeitler who is a flexible run blocker who will be a plug and play type from day 1.

Then you had round 2 and 3, and again maybe teams are starting to understand things a little better, but you have Devon Still, Brandon Thompson, and the absolute steal of the draft thus far in Mohammed Sanu.

Still is a solid two down prospect right now, who has the potential to become a three down type, but he will help against the run from day one, while Brandon Thompson will be added in with Geno Atkins to push the pocket on passing downs from the middle.

If you have watched the Giants, defensive line depth is a must, because it allows you to keep constant pressure on the quarterback, and adding both of these guys does that.

Meanwhile, Sanu is going to be a dynamic and game changing number two receiver for the Bengals, who is going to be the Anquan Boldin type that takes pressure off of AJ Green on a game by game basis.  I think that is a steal of a pick by the Bengals.

Dallas Cowboys:

I hate the Cowboys, I was raised to think that way, but they have done an absolutely fantastic job thus far.  Adding to that abysmal defense with two potential starters, I don’t even want to continue to praise them since I wrote so much in the next article.

Green Bay Packers:

Nick Perry, Jerel Worthy AND Casey Hayward!  Unbelievable how teams can sit there and just get handed game changers and that is exactly what happened with the Packers, getting my favorite pass rusher and my favorite corner back in this draft.

While I am not as high on Worthy as many, well he didn’t get taken in round 1, so in round 2, I am absolutely fine with that.

Pittsburgh Steelers:

I got protection!!

Hey Steelers, HOW DID YOU DO THAT!!!

David DeCastro AND Mike Adams all of a sudden make the Steelers offensive line improved greatly.  The one thing I will say about both of these picks is, this means the Steelers are going to continue to be a pass first team.  While DeCastro is a mauler, he is fluid in pass pro, and that is where Adams actually excels as well, so it may not be down and dirty football, but it does allow them to protect Ben, and not have him take the beating he has been.

Then you have Sean Spence, who I will break down further in Monday’s article, but I think he comes in and competes right away for a starting spot at weak side inside linebacker.

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    your job to be talking NFL Draft, but that’s what happens sometimes.”