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The most wonderful time of the year is almost here.  It’s the time of hope and a renewal of faith in your team.

Of course the day after the first round picks of the draft your team is going to get shredded by the experts and proclaimed to have made copious amounts of mistakes.  As always the Monday after the draft you will get my exhaustive “I Love a good draft” recap, where grades are spurned for general, yet in depth observations about the picks and the ones I Loved, I Liked and the ones that I still enjoyed because, let’s face it no one will know for sure how good or bad your draft class was for the next 3 years.

That being said we have been covering the top 5 at each position heading into draft day with new NFL writer Eric Judd, and you can check out his top 5 QB’s and WR’s at any time, and if you feel so inclined, check out our shiny new Forums section, where you can start your own draft discussions, make fun of our choices, or just have a good time talking about any sport you want to discuss.

Ok, now that all of the formalities are out of the way we are eight days away from the draft and every “expert”, amateur and blogger has changed their mock drafts, it is time to leave the mocks alone for a second.

While Eric continues to crank out solid top 5 prospect lists, I am going to add onto what he has done give you some depth to those top 5.

While I am not going to do a comprehensive breakdown on each player, really you want to know about GJ Kinne and his measurables and how they will reflect on him at the next level… Wait what?  I already broke down GJ Kinne, well this is awkward.

Anyway let’s get on with the 2012 QB Big Board by TSHQ.

Why 16?  Because that is the number of quarterbacks I believe have a chance to be drafted this year, and that way you have an accurate view of my entire big board at each position going into the actual draft so when a WR like AJ Jenkins blows up in the NFL I can’t be one of those draft guys that goes, I only showed you my top 32 prospects, and he was 33.

Also note, this is not a definition of when I think these guys will be drafted, which I will note as we go along, this is my projection of who is the best player and how I think they will end up in their careers, so if I have Darron Thomas listed third, I don’t think he will be drafted third, but I think he will end up being the third best QB in this draft.

Lastly the number in parenthesis is my overall ranking for the prospect, but again does not reflect where he will or should be drafted.

2012 Quarterback Big Board: TSHQ style

Andrew Luck, Stanford (1) first pick

Shocking that the first pick in the draft will lead off the rankings I know.

2. Robert Griffin III, Baylor (5) second pick

No one in the draft has the upside of Griffin, and if Luck wasn’t superiorly prepared in college for an NFL offense this would be a closer call than it is now.

3. Ryan Tannehill, Texas A&M (21) top 10 pick

Not many people were on the Tannehill bandwagon back in October when Landry Jones and Matt Barkley were still coming out in the 2012 draft, yet for some reason I was.

Now he is a top 10 pick in this years draft, color me surprised.

4. Brock Osweiler, ASU (63) Round 2

Osweiler is the wild card in this draft.  Some team is going to fall in love with his p…p…p… potential, I hate that word, and overdraft him, when he has to sit for at least two years.  If he was there in round 3 he would be the perfect back up to the Broncos, but I don’t see him making it there, so maybe in round 2, which is where I project he will go.

He will end up battling Tannehill for being the best QB not named Luck or Griffin in this draft.

5. Kirk Cousins, Michigan St (64) Round 2

I don’t know why, but I have been on the Cousins = Flynn bandwagon.

6. Brandon Weeden, Oklahoma St (66) Round 2

If he is 3 or 4 years younger he is at 3 on this list without hesitation.  That 2-4 year learning curve for a QB puts him in his early 30’s, which doesn’t exactly give you a lot of time with your franchise QB unless he becomes a hall of fame type player.

7. Russell Wilson,Wisconsin (92) Round 5

I may be one of the bigger Wilson fans out there, so maybe that is the reason I have him as a top 100 prospect, oh well.

8. Nick Foles, Arizona (150) Round 4

Foles can’t throw the ball on a line, as a native Arizonan I can’t tell you why he has regressed, but he has.

9. Ryan Lindley, San Diego St (165) Round 5

A horribly inaccurate passer with bad mechanics and footwork, sign me up.

10. Austin Davis, Southern Miss (167) Round 5

A developmental prospect who has solid accuracy and a good mixture of talent and athletic ability.

11. BJ Coleman, Chattanooga (171) Round 5-6

Another prospect who will come in and most likely go to a practice squad before becoming a possible back up.

12. Kellen Moore, Boise St (190) Round 6-7

I might be crazy thinking that Moore gets drafted, but I like his makeup and moxy.  He needs to improve on his throwing motion, and develop consistent footwork, but he is a smart football player.

13. Chandler Harnish, Northern Illinois (210) Round 6-7

A good athlete who needs to learn to play the QB position.

14.  Case Keenum, Houston (220) Round 6-7

He reminds me of another potent Houston QB product who was severely overdrafted… Let’s just move on.

15. GJ Kinne, Tulsa (232) Round 7

Was a productive player, except when he faced top level competition, so that may be a concern.

16. Jordan Jefferson, LSU (243) Round 7

A project to say the least, but he has so much untapped athletic potential.

17. Aaron Corp, Richmond (244) Round 6-7

I am going to add an extra player for the simple fact that I think Corp, the former top recruit that went to USC before transferring to Richmond.  Someone will most likely take a flyer on him to see if that potential is still there.

My Projections:

Biggest Sleeper: Kirk Cousins is going to push to become a starter in this league.

Best Player not named Luck/Griffin: Brock Osweiler- I think Brock gets drafted by the Broncos, Seahawks or Eagles and gets to sit for a year or two before getting a shot to play and becoming a solid NFL starter.

Biggest Bust: I’ll go out on a huge limb, get ripped to shreds, and mocked endlessly, maybe even called names, but Robert Griffin III.  A ton of pressure on him, no go to number one receiver, coming from a version of the Mike Leach spread passing game, I hope I am wrong because I really want him to succeed, and I think it is important that the Redskins are relevant, but this is my going out on a limb pick.

Agree, disagree, think I am a moron for saying Griffin could be a bust, let me know and if you have the balls, and give me your own list.

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