2012 NFL Draft Grades: I Love a Good Draft

It’s that time where every expert is giving you their 2012 NFL Draft Grades, and yet you’ve stumbled onto my post that is not like that at all.  In all honesty the day after, or couple days after the draft grades are, well useless.  It is still an attempt to predict the future and my honest question is how many people are really held accountable for what they say?

That’s why I just stick with positives and questions or quandaries I have, because honestly what the hell do I know?  I thought that the picks by the Saints were great last year, and they did little to nothing to help the team, I was just ok with the Panthers draft and that ended up being a great draft, hell I had my own team the Cardinals listed in the “Hey it’s still a draft” section and they had some of the highest returns from their picks.  What I am saying is, if you are the Browns and you get a bad grade for the Weeden pick, or the Seahawks for the “reach” of Bruce Irvin, just remember it, file it away and then when they are wrong, throw it in their face.

Anyway, as I always do, breakdown the draft, go in depth, and then tell you why you get put in the great, good or it’s still a draft section, but more importantly let you know exactly about your teams draft.

More importantly it’s beer, and there are three types of beers to me, even if you think some cheap American beers are like drinking urine water who cares, it’s still beer.

There’s great beers, or great drafts.  This is a beer that you have and it sticks in your mind, something like, well you will see.

Then there is the beers you get when you are having friends or guest over and you know you want to give them something better than just your cheap everyday beer.

Then there is your Miller’s, Coors, Budweiser, or whatever other American beer you think of.  Sure you’ll complain about it, you’ll talk down about it as soon as the host leaves, but in the end guess what, you drink it, because hey, it’s still beer and it’s better than nothing.

I think that drafts are the same way, sure you have great drafts, there are good drafts, and then there are drafts, you were reluctant, but hell it’s your team, you’ll figure a way to buy in.

Agree or disagree, let me know, I love a good draft conversation.

2012 NFL Draft Grades: I love a good Draft

Click on the links of each team to see my pick by pick review.

A Great Draft

A fantastic drink, and something you will remember

Baltimore Ravens: Wait, you trade OUT of the first round and still end up with two first round talents?  That is why teams like the Ravens are perennial contenders.

Cincinnati Bengals: Started out with picks 17 and 21 in the first, traded down to 27, added a third round pick and made the most of each of those picks.  If the Ravens and Steelers didn’t have such great drafts, I would be worried as a fan.

Dallas Cowboys: They made some ballsy moves to get the guy they needed on the defensive side of the ball, and I don’t like giving them too many compliments.

Green Bay Packers: They had huge needs on the defensive side of the ball, and hit three homeruns, at least to me with their first three picks.  That makes this a great draft.

New York Giants: The Champs didn’t miss a beat, and hit their picks from beginning to end of the draft, and just continue to show why they are perennial contenders.

Philadelphia Eagles: The 2011 Paper Champs are off to another great start in non football time, can they carry over their fantastic finish to the 2011 season and make a difference on the field in 2012, well they had the draft to do it.

Pittsburgh Steelers: The draft is sometimes about preparation, and sometimes about luck,  When you are able to nab five impact players in the first five rounds of the draft, well that is lucky, because sometimes other teams just miss.

A Good Draft to me:

Cleveland Browns: I was really excited about the Browns draft, I thought it was going along swimmingly, even if they did take some heat for their Brandon Weeden selection that I was ok with, and then Mitchell Schwartz and you are thinking, wow they are really using all these picks well.

Then they drafted John Hughes and Travis Benjamin and I just shake my head and remember, yep these are the Browns.

Chicago Bears: I like what they did early, but I am reserved about my enthusiasm with where they selected Brandon Hardin and Evan Rodriguez.

Detroit Lions: I liked Reiff at the top of the draft, and adding both the Lewis boys from Oklahoma could prove to be huge coos for the defense, but I wasn’t excited about the Ryan Broyles pick and think they needed to take a flyer on Alfonzo Dennard instead of some of the prospects they took in the later rounds.

Minnesota Vikings: They added a lot of picks, and made some good ones, but I don’t understand waiting til the later rounds to get some WR help for you first round investment at quarterback.  If Wright and Childs can’t become every down threats for Ponder this draft will have been for naught for their quarterback.

Hey It’s Still a Draft

Washington Redskins:  No this isn’t because of the drafting of Kirk Cousins, I actually liked that pick, it goes deeper that that and I hope I am wrong, because I am rooting for the Redskins to improve.





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