Arizona Cardinals Drew Stanton

“Smart, hard-working passer with an NFL arm. Patient in the pocket, poised under pressure and buys time for receivers. Throws with an over-the-top delivery, accurate and nicely places the pass. Does not force the ball into coverage. Constantly looking downfield for open targets, yet goes to the safe underneath outlet if nothing else is available. Powers the ball into targets, getting the throw through the tight spots. Loses nothing passing on the move.” Pro Football Scout’s Drew Stanton scouting report.

When I started doing my research to breakdown the likely 2013 starting quarterback for the Arizona Cardinals I wanted to start from the beginning.

I was prepared to get through my Game Rewind of Drew Stanton with some clear and concise thoughts of the player, and I ended up coming out with more questions than answers.

What we know about Stanton to begin with: He stands 6-3, weighs in at 243lbs, and will be 29 when the season begins.

Stanton has only thrown 187 passes in his career, completing 104 or 55.6%.  He’s thrown 1,158 yards, 5 TDs and 9 INTs while fumbling 4 times.

In four career starts Stanton’s numbers are 104 pass attempts, completed 60 or 57.6%.  He threw for 677 yards and 3 TDs to 5 INTs.

I wanted to watch all of Stanton’s snaps he started, but for some reason Game Rewind will not allow me to watch the Detroit v San Francisco game from 2009, so I supplemented that by watching the Giants game from 2010 when he actually attempted his second most career passes.

My thoughts are purely my own, and this Stanton review has gone from a one day breakdown of Stanton to a two part Stanton opus in order to really give the fans an idea of exactly what Stanton brings, both good and bad, and my final thoughts of Stanton the quarterback, and if he could be the answer, and by answer of course I mean long term answer for what the Cardinals have been looking for.

The Good on the Arizona Cardinals Drew Stanton:

One of the things I have talked about at length that Arians wants in a quarterback is someone who can sit in the pocket, allow the play to develop, and then make throws vertically down the field into tight coverage.

He had that in spades with a player like Ben Roethlisberger, and even though it wasn’t playing towards his strengths, Andrew Luck wasn’t too shabby at it either.

Can Drew Stanton be a fit in the offense, and more importantly, can he succeed?

This will be a familiar set to Cardinals fans over the Arians years as head coach, not just in third and long situations either.

Moving up in the pocket and gets rid of the ball on a line from the 12 yard line.

Into double coverage we see the great Calvin Johnson make a tough catch over two New York defensive backs at the 40 yard line, the ball traveling 28 yards in the air.

This is something we’ll see a lot of in the Arians offense, getting the ball downfield into tight windows.  The offensive line of the Lions was decent in 2010, something that we could say for the Cardinals in the back half of 2012.

These throws are completely necessary in an Arians led offense, and in Stanton’s case these are throws he’s not familiar with making on a consistent basis, but throws I have seen him make consistently.

Hey look, shotgun trips formation, with the double WR’s on the left this time.