Jake Matthews Scouting Report

When it comes to 2014 NFL Draft prospects few come with the build up if Texas A&M left tackle Jake Matthews.

Matthews was thought by most to be a lock first round pick in 2013, and yet he went back to A&M for his senior season to prove he can play left tackle as well as he did right tackle, and possibly compete to be the first offensive tackle taken in the 2014 NFL Draft.

Jake Matthews Scouting Report

6-5 305lbs


  • Good body that has room to add weight, but more importantly has a thick lower half that is perfect for the tackle position.
  • Elite footwork in pass protection, changes direction well, is able to mirror and stay in front of his defender well, and does a nice job of getting onto the second level in run blocking.
  • Excellent technique in pass protection, sits in his bend well, anchors, and is tough to be with strength.
  • Smooth slide step, gets himself squared up to his opponent, then does a good job of mirroring.
  • Adequate punch and hand use.
  • Explosive out of his stance in pass protection and in run blocking.
  • Jolts opponent in the run game with his explosiveness, which helps him wall off or maintain a solid leverage.
  • Special type player when it comes to understanding the game, the position and the nuances that are needed to play the position well.
  • Understands blocking calls, blitz pick up and identifies and diagnoses well in pass protection.


  • Hand usage is only ok, and if he’s struggling to maintain a grip he does a bad job of keeping his balance and can get beat.
  • More of a finesse player than a power guy in the run game.

What Matthews lacks as a power player he makes up for with his solid technique, he’s as balanced a player as you’ll find in regards to his ability in the run game and pass protection and should be a top prospect in the 2014 draft, and has been the best left tackle prospect so far this season and should fit the bill for someone that needs help protecting the quarterback.

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