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BCS Implications: Week 11 1

Alabama’s loss to Johnny Football and Texas A&M has really thrown the national title race for a loop. Alabama was the team that was considered a near-lock for most of the year and now they are definitely on the outside looking in. They are in line behind Oregon, Kansas State, and Notre Dame for a […]

BCS Implications: Week 10 5

The college football world was waiting in shock for a few minutes this week as it looked like Alabama was going to lose to LSU. Not only would the consensus favorite to win the BCS National Championship Game have been knocked out of the running (for now), but it would have meant the potential for […]

BCS Implications: Week 9

Georgia’s upset of Florida this past week was certainly a surprise, but it didn’t really do much to the overall BCS race. Only 1 SEC team could run the table anyway, and everyone has assumed for a while that it will be Alabama. And while this matters because now Georgia, not Florida, will play in […]

BCS Implications: Week 8

The surprise this week, which really shouldn’t have been a surprise at all, is that Oregon fell to #4 in this week’s BCS rankings. I’ve been saying for a while now that things will get close because other teams will have better computer rankings, but that as long as they keep their unanimous or near-unanimous […]

Why Nadal’s Absence is Hurting Tennis 8

Regardless of the complaints that some have against him, Rafael Nadal is a great tennis player. He is an 11-time Grand Slam champion and probably the undisputed greatest clay court player ever. He is a fierce competitor and never gives up in a match. All of these qualities make him great. None of them, however, […]

BCS Implications: Week 7 4

The initial BCS Standings of the season came out this week, and they basically said what we all knew they would say. Alabama is sitting with a pretty good lead at #1. Oregon is behind them at #2. After that, things get a bit cluttered. Notre Dame, Florida, and Kansas State are all jockeying for […]