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Casting At The Quarters- CBB Rundown

Listen to internet radio with Shotguns and Sundresses on Blog Talk Radio Resident College Basketball writer Gus Elvin and sports whore Bryan Doherty keep the convo going after Monday night with a look at the latest happenings on the SEC front regarding bubble teams, the second tier behind Kansas in the Big 12 seeding as […]

CBB Podcast with The Guru

Listen to internet radio with Shotguns and Sundresses on Blog Talk Radio   The Guru Gus Elvin joined Bryan Doherty in discussing some bubble teams coming down the stretch as well as some of the conversation over sorting out the #1 seeds in March Madness. Check out the New England guys’ first go-around on BlogTalkRadio.


In the final year of the “Traditional Big East”, how many teams will the conference send to the NCAA’s?

TSHQ’s Big East Preview by Gus Elvin America’s premiere basketball conference over the past 30 years, the Big East unfortunately has become the biggest casualty to what we have come to know as “Conference Realignment”.  In the pursuit of lucrative TV deals, football and more money, institutions around the nation have started to sacrifice values […]