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CFB Podcast: Week 3 Recap

New Sports Podcasts with Shotguns and Sundresses on BlogTalkRadio Gus and Bryan return to The Sports Headquarters podcast to talk week three of the college football season with a recap of both the Alabama-Texas A&M and Wisconsin-Arizona State games. Did A&M and Bama deliver on expectations? Was Wisconsin or the refs to blame in Tempe? Not to mention […]

Week 3 NFL Draft Prospect Match Ups

Draft rankings, like most things, are fluid. Week to week in college football, players go out on the field and prove themselves to the world that they can make it on the gridiron at any level. This week is no different. Tons of great battles are to be won in the trenches, on the ground […]

Week Three Sexy Six: Where’d All Our Money Go?

Week two teabagged the gamblers of TSHQ but fear not loyal readers, you don’t do what we do and exude the confidence we do without getting knocked down a few times. A wise man once said, “You have to slay a few dragons before you can get the princess.” What on earth does that have […]


There’s a lot if changes in our poll over the course of the season. K.M and I disagree on quite a lot. Hell we ranked West Virginia #4 for a portion of last season. So with that said, WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT TEXAS??? I throw you the #7 rankings in the TSHQ preseason top […]

CFB Podcast: Week 2 Recap & Week 3 Preview

Current Sports Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with Shotguns and Sundresses on BlogTalkRadio Gus and Bryan jump on the podcast to talk week two of the college football season and look ahead to week three including the monster showdown in college station between Alabama and Texas A&M. What players and teams looked sharp in week two? Who failed […]