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Hawks/Nets Trade Breakdown

Well it’s official: there is no such thing as an untradeable contract in the NBA.  Joe Johnson’s albatross 6 year, $120M deal (LOLZ) was discussed over the past year in trade circles with expected returns of Amar’e Stoudemire’s uninsured knees and Carlos Boozer’s spray-on hair, in either case a a similarly cap-crippling contract.  It was […]


NBA Power Rankings 2-4-2012

This was a week full of great matchup games. We got to see some of the better teams faceoff against each other and I think we may have learned a little more about who is and who is not a contender. Surprise teams like the 76ers and the Nuggets have made a case that they […]

NBA Power Rankings 1-28-2012

The NBA is a rollercoaster ride this season as in very few teams are playing consistently. Only a handful have looked pretty good every night and there have been about as many teams that have looked really bad every night. For the most part the majority of teams are up one night and down the […]